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What is the role of the water purifier

Concerns about water quality should begin with "drinking water". A number of water partners who aim to improve drinking water quality have been born as early as the late 1980s. The emergence of tap water, bottled water, and drinking fountains has indeed improved the human drinking water environment to a certain extent, but its inevitable secondary pollution of pipelines and poison barrel incidents have been exposed one after another. People began to pin their hopes on water purifiers. More and more families are starting to pay attention and install water purifiers. Is it necessary to install a water purifier, and what is the role of the water purifier? For any family pursuing quality of life, the installation of water purifiers is essential.

 Is it necessary to install a water purifier

The secondary pollution of tap water in China is serious. The long pipelines and secondary pressurized water tanks have caused 765 kinds of harmful substances in the water, of which 20 kinds are confirmed to cause cancer, 24 kinds are suspected to cause cancer, 18 kinds are caused by stones, and about 80% of the diseases are especially Chronic diseases are caused by water pollution; the traditional form of boiling water does not completely kill bacteria, and after the water boils, it loses a large amount of oxygen, which is not conducive to human consumption; the most obvious is the secondary pollution of bottled water. National surveys show that Thirty percent of the bottled water is unqualified, and the number of colonies is seriously exceeded. Except for production reasons, most of them are caused by barrels, and the acid salts contained in them are carcinogens. Is it necessary to install a water purifier? As an effective household water treatment equipment, the water purifier can completely improve the quality of tap water and is also the best choice to replace barrel water. Especially for modern households, the water purifier is installed to Important.

 How big is the role of water purifier

After tap water is disinfected by chlorine, it can kill viruses and bacteria, but it cannot remove scale, heavy metals, volatile substances, etc. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) research, the most effective way is to install a water purifier at the domestic water terminal, perform deep purification at the water terminal, and effectively separate and remove various pollutants such as bacteria, residual chlorine, and heavy metals. Impurities and harmful substances in water, such as volatile substances, rust, and sand, can fully solve the secondary pollution of tap water;

Bottled water is extremely expensive and is not suitable for daily use by households. Bottled water is classified as daily water by most wealthy households, but this method consumes too much, is not suitable for large-scale use, and the effect may not be as good as a water purifier. Short validity period, more susceptible to secondary purification. The cost of the water purifier is definitely much lower for barreled water. The outlet taste is good, and it can be indirectly consumed without boiling. Therefore, it is the most ideal drinking water treatment solution for families.

No matter what home is necessary to install a water purifier

Drinking spring water as a child has become a distant memory. Being in a prosperous international metropolis, we have to rely on modern high-tech products to ensure healthy drinking water. Through the comparison of various ways to improve water quality, drinking the filtered water from the terminal is the most direct and effective way to improve the water quality, so no matter what family is necessary to install a water purifier, a healthy life is inseparable from water purification equipment. At present, the water purifier industry has achieved rapid and stable development in China. There are a lot of users who consult and install water purifiers on the Comfort100 website. Wuhan F World, Shimao Jinxiu Yangtze River, Times House, Dream Lake Xiangjun and many others Water purifiers have been installed in houses one after another, and have especially won the favor of many mid-to-high end home users.





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