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What is the difference between water purifier and water purifier

Water purification machine:

Function: it can filter out chlorine and impurities in tap water, and the final water can reach the standard of drinking raw water, and retain the useful minerals in tap water.

Features: no motor, no need of power supply, driven by water pressure filtration. There is no water storage tank, the better is the five-stage filter, the first level is the filter element, the second nanocrystalline filter material, the third level is the activated carbon, the fourth level is the hollow wire membrane or ceramic filter, the fifth level is the fine activated carbon, mainly used to improve the taste.

Pure water machine:

Function: blocking out all substances in the water, the water is pure water, as we buy pure water, compared with pure water machine, water machine can only filter to the impurities, such as pure water machine is all sorts of minerals are filtering out of the water, such as the water in the face of various harmful heavy metals, water purification machine out of the water while there are minerals, but only tap water contains many minerals is tap water can't provide, can filter out all kinds of minerals, if you want to come out of the water contains minerals, pure water machine: pure water machine of water out the outside sell bottled purified water.

Features: motor, power supply, water storage tank, generally five levels of filtration, the first level of filter element, the second and third levels of activated carbon, the fourth level of RO reverse osmosis membrane for aerospace technology (this is the core), the fifth level of refined activated carbon, mainly used to improve the taste.





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