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Joining process

Jubao electronics has a professional Internet marketing team, comprehensive network marketing, a variety of network marketing planning, marketing elite services.


Process One
Information consultation

Whether you are through television, the network, magazines, and other media to understand the company, want to join jubao electrical appliances, you can be through the telephone or online message to the company consulting.

Process Two
The information submitted

The information department of the company will submit your information to the Marketing Department of the company on the same day. The Marketing Department will make a market record according to the region you want to apply for and your resume, and submit it to the marketing center for review within 2 working days.

Process Three
Qualified audit

According to your age, business hours, industry relevance, choose the way of cooperation and investment region adaptability analysis, to determine whether you have Be prepared for cooperation qualification. If you have 2 working days to arrange professional project consultants to contact you, to provide all you need advisory services.

Process Four
Specialist services

For each consulting client, the company will provide consulting services to different professionals according to the different contents of the client consultation, so as to ensure that each client's consultation can be obtained A satisfactory answer. If you are not satisfied with the consultant's service, you have the right to ask the company to replace the consultant for you.

Process Five
Build consensus

Through in-depth communication, we can basically agree on business philosophy, sales goals, company policies and cooperation methods. The company will designate you as the intended customer and protect the market information from now on

Process Six
Two-way investigation

The company invites customers to visit the company, and the company also arranges marketing personnel to conduct market investigation on customers. Important and large regional companies will send the market Specialist conducts market research to determine customer and company market objectives. Both sides can agree on the goal can sign the intention agreement

Process Seven
Signed agreements

Once both parties sign the agreement, your market, your rights and your interests will be protected in the first time. The formal acquisition of such rights must be made after the issuance of the company's power of attorney, that is, the contract is fully performed The terms and conditions.

Process Eight
All three services

With the issuance of the letter of authorization, the company's sanquan service immediately started. Planning department to provide "full case planning" services, training department to provide "full staff training" services, Marketing Department For the "full guidance" service





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